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Pa Car Accident Lawyer

  • You need to visit your physician before insurance will cover medical expenses. Get a copy of your doctor’s report that details your accident injuries.
  • You may need a company letter verifying you missed work because of injuries in an auto accident.
  • Auto accident attorney Jim Ronca has more than 30 years experience working on car and truck accident cases.

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Traffic Accidents

Traffic accidents can take over a person’s life with details and expenses. If you’re not 100 percent vigilant, you’re likely to lose money and lots of valuable time that you can never get back.

There are 332 traffic crashes every day in Pennsylvania, but this one is yours. You’re going to need money for expenses, and you may have injuries that can last a very long time. Insurance companies are not your friend in this situation, and auto repair shops and hospitals expect payment. If your reimbursement isn’t fair, you know who’s going to pay.

Traffic accident attorney Jim Ronca can navigate this risky situation and get the compensation you deserve for injuries, vehicle repairs and legal expenses. There is no substitute for having legal assistance to handle these matters. Jim is widely regarded for his fierceness when facing opponents and his methodical approach to every detail.

Car Accidents

Cars were involved in more crashes than all other vehicles combined in 2010. Pennsylvania car crashes accounted for the vast majority of crashes and deaths when combined with pickup trucks, vans and SUVs. When one car crash turns into a multi-vehicle accident, navigating the resulting lawsuits can be a complex process. Jim has dealt with thousands of car accident cases over more than 30 years.

Truck Accidents

Tractor-trailer truck crashes are complex and deadly. Truck accident cases require specialized understanding of the trucking industry, including complex technical knowledge and accident reconstruction experience. Jim is one of the most recognized truck accident attorneys both locally and nationally. He is the attorney many people turn to after a truck collision.

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